Jumat, 14 Mei 2010

Yes, she is

When I'm browsing internet, specially searching for new inspire thingy, cute images, eye candy boys or I become euphoria when I googling all about fashion Or open and blogwalking another FAMOUS fashion blogger around the world (ups, just too much). Then ended up with click & save. But with all cute photos, picture, I have to save every picture of Kirsten Dunst and she is typical images that I HAVE TO SAVE in my computer, extremely--deadly--gorgeous. What can I say? I just love every aspect natural beauty that she have, NO, not mention her party girl image, but her daily style, her comfortable clothes without too much effort, classy--sassy? (only character in her movies). And, another my love goes to her pale skin. When the red lipstick give her ; "DANG!, KABOOM!, SPLASH!" effect, extremely amazing combination between pale skin with red lipstick!.... I Just love her personal style and cant wait for her next movie, so baaaaaaaad! (pic : polyvore, tumblr, just jared, fan pop etc etc)

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